Sheec Socks

Have you been on the hunt for a no show sock that doesn’t lose it’s shape and doesn’t slide down your heel. Well look no further, I have the answer.

When Sheec reached out and asked if I would be interested in trying their product; at first I wasn’t sure, but then I saw the ‘SockShion (a ball of foot sock) and I thought ‘GAME CHANGER’.

Their website is easy to navigate and they even have a link titled; ‘How to Choose.’ This features all different shoe styles you may have in your collection and the Sheec Sock that would work best with that footwear.

Sheec sent me a huge range of their products, these include- Sockshion– ball of foot cushion, Slingback– toe cover sock, Secret 2.0 Ultra- Low Cut– thin liner sock for dressy shoes, Secret 2.0 Low-Cut– thin liner sock for flats and loafers, Secret 2.0 Mid- Cut– no show sock for loafers, Secret 2.0 High Cut– no show sock for lace up dress shoes (Oxford Shoe), Active-X Modal Low- Cut and Active-X Modal Mid-Cut both for casual shoes.

Sockshion– These did not disappoint. I waited for the Sockshion and they definitely delivered. This design has two elastics that go around your big and little toe; perfectly positioning the cushioned pad on the ball of your foot. Those glamorous but painful shoes can now be your top pick for a night out. No more pain with the Sockshion providing the perfect amount of cushion placed right at the ball of your foot where it’s needed most.

Slingback– The Slingback was designed to wear with your sling back heels and other shoes. These will not have you slipping in your shoes with its anti skid silicone patch on the ball of the sock.

Sole Hugger Secret 2.0- The Secret 2.0 comes in Ultra-Low Cut, Low Cut, Mid Cut and High Cut. The Ultra-Low Cut is 100% no-show with guaranteed toe cleavage. The Ultra Low Cut was designed to wear with your lowest coverage shoes; flats and heels. Then there is the low, mid and high cut Secret 2.0; all designed for different types of shoes, see ‘How to Choose’ for more specific details. All four styles have the Sole Hugger Technology and anti slip, guaranteed to stay on you foot for the duration of the day.

Sole Hugger Active X- The Active X comes in a Low Cut and a Mid Cut. Not only has this style been designed with the Sole Hugger Technology and anti-slip; it incorporates a reinforced toe and heel to make them more durable. The Active X is made from a moisture wicking fabric to ensure sweat is not trapped; allowing bacteria to build up.

It is recommend that you use a mesh washable bag when washing your Sheec Socks. Not only will you never lose a sock in the wash again; the mesh bag protects delicate items. Sheec has three options on there website; Fine Mesh Laundry Bag, Course Mesh Laundry Bag and a Cylinder Laundry Mesh Bag.

I also recommend signing up to the Sheec newsletter; just by doing so you save 10% off your first order. There is even a tab called, ‘Special Deal‘ where you can see all the current specials Sheec is offering.

I hope you have enjoyed reading some information about this up and coming product, Sheec Socks. Is has definitely taken the US by storm and it is now time to share the secret with the world.

Sadie Lou

On November 19th, Kell from Sadie Lou reached outed to me and asked if I would be interested in collaborating with the brand. As the Sadie Lou Instagram page says, ‘When Shopping is life.’ My answer was a big, ‘YES!’

I headed over to the Sadie Lou website and started to browse their clothing. They have dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits and so much more. Sadie Lou even have a gorgeous range of the latest footwear. And as we are going into a hot summer here in Australia I chose two dresses from their range.

Now, let me tell you about the goodies I chose.

Efflorence Shift Dress– I got this dress in a size 12. Yes it is very true to size. This dress is made from a very light and breathable fabric perfect for an Australian summer. The dress is black with orange and pink flower detail which brightens the dress up. This dress has functional buttons at the front of the dress, short sleeve and a v-neckline. This dress hits me on the knee; I am 5.3″. And finally this dress has a frilled hem, casual on top and party on the bottom. The Efflorence is also available in a Maxi Dress.

Next, the Marbles Mini Dress (currently unavailable)- I also chose this dress in a size 12 and it is again true to size. It is made from a light floaty rayon fabric which is double lined to avoid your underwear from showing through (I do recommend still wearing a light colour underneath). It features a v-neckline, a button closure above the breast and a pull string allowing you to cinch the dress in around your waist for an hourglass look. Even though the mini dress is currently unavailable they do have a Marbles Maxi Dress and a Marbles Off The Shoulder Top available.

How your Sadie Lou order can be sent- Sadie Lou offers many shipping options even a pick up option if you live close to their store. You will receive free regular shipping on all orders of $100 or more. And an extra plus for December, Sadie Lou will automatically place you in a draw to win a $500 voucher (Drawn 01/01/20, Permit Number LTPS 19/40611). Sadie Lou offers an express post option for $12.00 and international postage is $25.00.

Don’t forget to sign up to the Sadie Lou email for 15% off your first order.

Thank you Sadie Lou, it has been an absolute pleasure.

Blue Bungalow

Introducing Blue Blungalow. Blue Bungalow is a Brisbane based online clothing and accessories store . This online women’s fashion stored encourages body confidence in women of all shapes and sizes. And they provide affordable fashion all year round.

I have been lucky enough to be gifted two of Blue Bungalow’s fashion pieces; The Dorothy Navy Drape Tee Dress and the Pink Leopard Iris Drape Tee Dress.

Firstly, The Dorothy Navy Drape Tee Dress is a relaxed style with a unique cut. It has a round neckline and draped sleeves. The Dorothy cut is perfect for adding shape to your waist to get that hourglass shape with a relax style. A Drape Tee Dress can be dress up or down depending on the occasion; add some espadrilles, a cross body bag and a fedora for a casual look or some strapy heels, a statement clutch with matching earrings to make it an evening affair.

Now let me tell you about The Pink Leopard Iris Drape Tee Dress. Yes before you ask this dress is true to size and I went for my usual size (size 10 AU). This dress features a leopard print on a pale pink background; hence pink leopard. The subtlety of the pale pink will add a fun pop of colour to your Spring and Summer collection. The Iris Drape Tee Dress is a relaxed fit perfect for those hot summer days. It has a V-neck line, short sleeves and two visible pockets (I know, a dress with pockets, shut up and take my money). The dress is made from 100% Rayon and a cold machine wash is recommended for this garment.

Blue Bungalow offers some wonderful bonuses to their customers. You can get free standard shipping on all orders over $100. Blue Bungalow has same day dispatch for orders placed before 4:00pm AEST on weekdays. They even offer Afterpay. Blue Bungalow also released new products on their website everyday. And there is no need to worry about size; Blue Bungalow provide a size guide on each product, the team hand measures each garment to provide accurate measurement to their customers. Did you know you can also receive a 10 % discount on your first order for signing up to the Blue Bungalow mailing list.

Thank you so much Blue Bungalow. It have been an absolute pleasure collaborating with you.

My New Accessory For The Season | JORD Watches

It was a little over 12 months ago I started my Instagram journey and came across Wood Watches by JORD. JORD was being promoted by one of the fashion influencers I had started to follow, Nicole Bogert.  Immediately I was drawn to the watches’ uniqueness; this watch were made of wood.

This beautiful handcrafted watch would have made the perfect contribution to my accessory collection; and then I saw the price.  At the time I really couldn’t afford to buy one. I would continue to visit the JORD website to look at the collection, and gosh did this collection being to grow.  I think initially when visiting the site there was only one collection.  

Wood Watches by JORD has now grown to feature a male and female wood watch range. The minimalist styles are designed to complement and enhance anyone’s style. JORD is branching into accessories and have released sunglasses and Apple Watch bands too.

It filled my heart when JORD Watches reached out to me to promote these beautiful handcrafted timepieces.  I was gifted a Frankie II; I was even lucky enough to choose the colour, I chose the Frankie II Dark Sandalwood & Smoke. I thought the versatility of this piece and its subtle colours would allow me to express my style without taking too much away from the watch.  The Frankie II is also available in Ebony & Gold, Dark Sandalwood & Emerald and Zebrawood & Champagne. There are even more colors for men: Ebony & Iron and Leadwood & White.

The Frankie II has a 40mm face with a custom crown with logo. The band width is 18mm with a 210mm band that JORD can size to your wrist measurement before shipping. This is great for someone with small wrists like myself. The back plate of the Frankie II can also be engraved; making it a perfect gift for someone special. There is something unique for everyone at JORD.  And there is not need to worry if the gift is not a perfect fit as they offer generous returns and exchanges, free worldwide shipping and great warranties; JORD wants to make your experience as worry free as possible.

If you have read to this point I would like to say I am very happy with my Frankie II watch. I feel truly blessed to have been gifted this gorgeous and unique watch.  And as a special thank you to you, my readers, I have teamed up with JORD Watches to offer you a chance to win a $100 e gift code to put towards a unique timepiece of your own. I’m also excited to say that JORD will be gifting 10% discount code to those who don’t win. To enter, all you have to do is follow the link below and enter your email. That’s all! Super simple! You have to be 18 years old or older to enter. International shipping is available!

Click this link to enter the giveaway:

Thank you and Good Luck

Giveaway now closed

Frocks and Facinators

Racing season, a chance for every woman or man to show off their artistic fashion. Weather it be elegant, colourful, sparkling or really out of the box; there is a chance of you seeing it all at a racing carnival.

This year at the Clare Races, men and women from all over were dressed to impress and none more so than the entrants of Fashion At the Races.

And yours truly took out Best Millinery.

But let’s get down to the nitty gritty of my entire outfit and those that know me know that I struggle to dress myself. It isn’t something that I am ashamed of but something I embrace, it is not everyday that your best friend is your personal stylist and knows what looks good and your body and will tell you straight away to take something off. All opinions, good or bad will come out on ours days of shopping.

Let’s begin with my millinery. My piece was hand crafted by the lovely Sarah from Flirty Flamingo. Sarah hand crafted this piece from a photograph of my dress. The halo style millinery is covered in tulle, lace and silk flowers. All hand sewn with some small gem additions to add some sparkle.

The dress I wore was an Elle Zoutoune gown from Montaigo Designer Boutique; called the ‘Adrian’. At first I never thought there was no way the dress was going to zip up, but the lovely Ellie came over and said, hands on your hips, shoulders back and just like a knife through butter the dress zipped with ease.

I accessorised my dress with a gorgeous pair of jeweled earrings from Montaigo Designer Boutique. Nude heels from Myer and a Muse Micro Griptop clutch from Oroton.

And that wraps up my outfit. I would like to finish by saying I had a wonderful time it is was a fantastic experience. All nerves aside this is definitely something I look forward to doing again.

Did I fall into fashion or was I pushed?

I am the girl in the Ted Baker dress.

I never thought I would fall in love with fashion. One could say it wasn’t really my thing. I was happy in comfortable clothing and it never crossed my mind what people thought of me, as long I was happy and comfortable.

And one day that all changed.

‘What do you think my friends will think of you?’ He yelled at the top of his lungs. ‘You have all these nice clothes I have bought for you and you never wear them for me.’

It was in that moment I knew, I knew there was so much more to me than the clothes he wanted to dress me in. I was fed up playing dress ups and I was ready to dress myself the way I wanted to.

From the moment I added ‘fashion’ to my fitness influenced instagram feed. I began to heavily experiment with clothing; playful colours, patterns, textures and styles.

Now I am not here to tell you ‘what’s hot and what’s not’, I’m here to tell you about a passion that ignited within me after someone whom I thought loved me was more worried with the way I looked than the way I felt; this was when was born. I would not like to say that this passion was fuelled by his nature, but it slightly was. As much as I want to say that fashion week or even a piece art inspired me it didn’t. It was the shear will of a man that wanted to break me to the core. Whether he wanted to or not, this was what happened. I lost all sense of my identity. I did not know who I was or what it was I was looking for in life, let alone how to dress myself.

From the broken mess I was, and this is putting it lightly, I rose up from the shattered girl on the floor and began to put the outfits together.

I have not ever been told again that I look disgusting, I should get change nor been questioned about what others would think of me. Of course with my experimentation I can go very out of the box and there have been occasions that my dad has ask, ‘Now Nicolle, I don’t know much about fashion but do you think those colours go together?’ Sometimes I say that I’m colour blocking and sometimes I change to see a smile on his face.

If you look though my photos you will see I don’t follow particular style. I like to be playful with fashion and a little out of the box. Yes you will find the icon glam fashion photos but you will also see me rocking a pastel purple suit, checks and bright pink pants.

I can be classy, edgy, smart, casual, business, pretty much what ever I like. I wasn’t made to fit in, I was born an original and I refuse to die a copy.

Who says we have to fit in? Society?

And so I leave you with this. What if we ignored the reforms that society has so tightly wrapped around our necks like a noose just waiting for us to put on the wrong pair of trousers?

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